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Terence Stamp, Terence Stamp and The Glorious Terence Stamp: Episodes 2, 3 and 4 of His Dark Materials

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We're just Terence Stamp Stans now. Our podcast is being re-named The Terence Stamps: A Terence Stamp Podcast. It is written.

Episode Notes

Episode Synopsis pulled from Wikipedia:

Will visits his mother while Lyra heads to Oxford where she encounters Charles Latrom (Lord Boreal). The alethiometer guides Lyra to Mary Malone, a physicist researching Dark Matter (Dust). Lyra shows Mary the alethiometer, and Mary demonstrates her research that similarly allows computer communication with Dust. Cardinal Sturrock dies, leaving Father MacPhail a possible successor. Dr Lanselius, the witches' peace envoy, testifies that Ruta Skati's attack was a lone act. He is then falsely convicted of spying, heresy, and treason. Will meets his paternal grandparents who want his father's letters. Will leaves as they call to report him to police. Mary connects Lyra to her computer. The particles form screen images that Lyra interprets. Lyra tells Will the alethiometer told her to help him. At Mrs Coulter's urging, MacPhail takes a bold action and bombs the witches' territories. Thorold, Asriel's jailed assistant, tells Mrs Coulter that Asriel intended to sacrifice Lyra to open up the other world. When MacPhail is chosen Cardinal, Mrs Coulter threatens blackmail to ensure his continued cooperation.

The witches vow retribution for their destroyed lands. A mysterious figure whispers for Lee Scoresby to "return." Lyra flees Boreal's henchman who confronts her in Mary Malone's office. Outside, Charles Latrom (Boreal) offers Lyra a lift. After exiting his car, she discovers the alethiometer missing from her backpack. Scoresby, searching for Grumman, finds his balloon has inexplicably flown to Yenisei. Dr Haley, an astronomy scholar there, confirms Grumman is alive and declares him a heretic. Haley, a Magisterium agent, attempts to shoot Scoresby, who is arrested after killing Haley in self-defence. In Cittàgazze, Will sees someone inside the tower. Mrs Coulter arrives in Yenisei and discovers Scoresby jailed there. He conceals Lyra's whereabouts, but Mrs Coulter later frees him, knowing he will keep Lyra safe. Mary attempts to communicate with Dust. Serefina Pekkala's daemon, Kaisa, and Iorek discuss Lyra and the prophecy. Lord Boreal will return the alethiometer if Will and Lyra bring him a knife hidden in the Tower of the Angels in Cittagàzze.

A narrator recounts the Subtle Knife's origins and why spectres were unleashed. Scoresby finds Jopari, a shaman who confirms he is Grumman. He claims he "summoned" Scoresby and needs his help to find the Subtle Knife, named Æsahættr, and bring it to Asriel. Mary rejects Boreal's offer to fund her and Oliver's research. Lyra and Will ascend the Tower of the Angels in Cittàgazze and encounter Giacomo Paradisi, the elderly knife bearer. A youth named Tullio has just attacked him and stolen the knife. Will recovers the knife, but his right-hand little fingerand ring finger are partially severed during the struggle; Paradisi proclaims Will is now the knife bearer and shows how to cut portals between worlds. After Lyra and Will depart with the knife, Paradisi, no longer protected, fatally poisons himself to thwart the spectres. Tullio's soul is eaten by the spectre. Scoresby agrees to help Jopari if Lyra is put under the Subtle Knife's protection. Mary communicates with Dust, which are angels. Lord Boreal leads Mrs Coulter through Cittàgazze to the alternate Oxford to find Lyra. Serafina Pekkala and Ruta Skadi attack the Magisterium airships guarding the portal, then travel through to find Lyra.