The GenNEXUS of NERD (formerly The Amber Spycast)

There Has Been An Awakening: Chapters 33 and 34 of The Amber Spyglass and Season 2, Episode 6 of His Dark Materials

Episode Summary

Lyra and Mary are center stage as we move beyond the battle for the universe to a smaller and more intimate story of body and soul. This ended up being a very personal and moving discussion for us.

Episode Notes

"Malice" - From Wikipedia 

The witches see angels flying overhead. Ruta Skadi believes they are joining Asriel in a coming war. She follows, wanting to find Asriel to help them destroy the Magisterium. Fra Pavel informs Cardinal MacPhail that that the alethiometer shows Mrs Coulter is searching for Lyra, who plays a part in a disastrous prophecy. Paola, Angelica, and other children, wanting to avenge Tullio, attack Will and Lyra. Serafina arrives and saves them. The witches cast a healing spell on Will's wounded hand, but need more powerful medicinal plants growing in their lands. Spectres nearly devour one witch, but Will repels them with the Subtle Knife. Mary arrives in Cittàgazze, unknowingly protected by angels. She encounters Paola and Angelica and promises to help find their adult counterparts. Boreal and Mrs Coulter also enter Cittàgazze, searching for Lyra, Will, and the Subtle Knife. They encounter spectres which Mrs Coulter can control by suppressing her humanity. She fatally poisons Boreal, stating he hinders her ambitions. Lee and Parry, flying to Cittàgazze, are pursued by Magisterium airships. Parry uses his shaman powers to summon storms and a flock of birds that take down two airships. A third ship shoots Lee's balloon, forcing him to land.